Theatre, Dance, Music

Low-light situations? Quick movements? No Problem.


When others would be blurry or dull, you can count on Jill Ritter Photography to capture the moment with SHARP focus and VIVID color!

For performances of all kinds, look no further than Jill Ritter Photography to document all of the emotions, expressions, and nuances you bring to the stage.


When it comes to the low-light challenges presented by most performances, many other photographers reveal their Achilles’ heel… underpowered equipment.


Jill thrives shooting in difficult circumstances, and comes professionally equipped to get the best results.  She shoots using a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, the professional standard for unsurpassed excellence.  She also uses only professional-level Canon EF USM lenses, made for high performance in low-light.


Put simply: if you want the best photos with the least noise, you need the best equipment, and Jill’s got what you need.


She has made her reputation as a photographer delivering consistent results to professional theatres such as Saint Louis Shakespeare, New Line Theatre, Rivercity Theatre, Vanity Theatre, and more.


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